Biased NA LCS Standings after Spring Split Week 3

Am I alone in thinking that the standings are biased? I understand that it is a Bo3 format but that doesn't mean that teams with the same match score are the same standing. TSM and FLY both are 5-1, however TSM has struggled so far to close out their match ups while FLY has been sailing through. Say what you want about theoretical difficulty and power rankings but a Standings table should just be analytic. So Teams with equal match wins should be tiered based on individual games win loss ratio. What I mean is TSM has won 10 individual games and lost 7 while FLY has won 11 Individual games and lost 3. If you look at the standings as of this post it shows TSM in second and FLY in 3rd. I get it, technically they are tied at 5-1 so you might think it doesn't matter but accurately showing team performance is what the standings are for and clearly FLY is out performing TSM so far.
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