HELP! Summer NA LCS Finals Verified Fan?

I am not sure what to do so I figured I’d post on the forums here and see if anyone has advice. I have attended multiple League of Legends events; the Summer LCS Finals in ST Louis earlier this year. As well As the world championship finals at Madison square garden in 2017. This year the summer finals will be held in my hometown of Detroit and I was ecstatic as soon as I saw. I informed my family, took vacation time with my job, and planned out my trip with a few other friends who are also league fans and also are from my hometown. I saw the tickets would be on sale starting Tuesday and we were planning on purchasing them. All of us having put in our vacation time and planning for months we assumed this would be business as usual as far as actually purchasing the tickets goes. Now I checked the lol esports site today to read up on what ticket options there were available as well as get details for what will be happening at the event.... then I see they are using Ticketmaster Verified fan... I have never heard of this service before today and this has never been something they’ve used before. Even though I am still 2 days before tickets start going on sale they have closed registration for Verified Fan and there is what seems like 0 chance there will be any leftover for general admission tickets that they will be releasing on July 25th. All of us have booked vacations for this timeframe and have been so excited to watch this event at our hometown. If anyone has any advice or if they know anyone I can contact please let me know. I know this is our fault for not checking on this earlier but we’ve all been to multiple events and had no idea something like this could happen.
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