Watch & Earn doesn't work

when the mission first came up i clicked on it in hopes to complete it but when i get to the website it starts to bug out and i cant click on anything it keeps refreshing itself and changing the tab and it isn't slowly either it was constantly non stop any time i would try to click on anything on the site so i gave up and today 7/3 i went back to try again and it was working i could watch Vods and stuff without it going crazy so i click on a Vod in hopes of finishing it and it plays for a bit before redirecting me to the login menu of the league of legends website and signing me out and the redirecting me again back to the Vod i thought it was just a one time thing so i sign back in but everytime i would try to i would get in with my account and it would sign me out again i need help i don't know if this has happened to anyone else or if riot knows about this and is working on a fix
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