TSM, read this to stop losing games from champ select

Why do you keep putting Hauntzer on a carry champion and Doublelift on utility ADCs? For the love, this team does not work like that. This is what you guys should be doing. Hauntzer: Naut/Gragas/Shen/Renekton Svenskeren: Graves/Gragas/Lee/Khazix Bjergsen: Syndra/Orianna/Ahri/Leblanc/Vlad Doublelift: Caitlyn/Varus/Lucian/Ezreal Biofrost: Karma/Thresh/Braum/Bard Edit: Watching that first loss against IMT was painful knowing it was because you put Bjerg on Galio, under no reason should he have went a low damage mid lane. Edit 2: Bjergsen again being put on Galio, and Hauntzer on a carry champion, GG 0-2 incoming
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