Do you still watch LCS?

I stopped watching regularly some time early last season but I pretty much stopped all together when riot made the game insanely snowbally. Every game plays the almost same with teams scared to take any risks at all cause if it goes wrong they pretty much lost. There was one game a few weeks back where at 40 minutes into the game there was a grand total of 6 kills. I'm not asking for it to be like a bronze game where you have 6 kills in the first three minutes but there has to be a middle ground. I swear some teams would honestly rather lose than make a last ditch effort to defend their nexus. I know champ diversity has always been garbage in competitive but it's so much worse last season and this season. i think part of the reason it's so bad now is that since the game is more punishing the teams stick to the safe, no risk picks which, again, makes the games very boring to watch. TL;DR I stopped watching cause I was bored of watching the same 6 champs play farming simulator 2017 for 40 minutes.
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