Liquid in a best of 5

After reflecting on Team Liquids loss to Fnatic I have decided that it was probably better they did not advance. There were two primary reasons for this conclusion. The first being that Liquid were unable to establish any variety in the mid-lane. Having only one pick{{champion:90}} makes a player easy to ban out and highly exposed in a best of five setting. Second ,the tension between their bot lane could have erupted if the games ended up stomps. I think Doublelift showed that he can hang with this competition. Xmithie as well at moments{{champion:79}} , but the rest of the team truly faltered. Olleh is a much better player than what he showed us at MSI. In fact I enjoyed watching his mechanics during the regular season. So to watch him misplay on {{champion:223}} so many times was heartbreaking. I want to see Impact improving his carry pool. I feel like he is a truly good player who holds himself back with the mindset that he can only play tanks.{{champion:516}} {{champion:14}} Improvement is needed because his performance on {{champion:8}} was lackluster. Their small champion pools would have really played into the enemies hands in a best of five. Specifically in the mid lane.
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