The optimism level of each NA team and fan bases at the halfway point

Team Liquid, 90%: You have every reason to be confident after Rift Rivals that you are the best team in the LCS, though, you should still cautious as facing C9 is not a free win. TSM, 70%: Your venture at Rift Rivals was an absolute disaster and showing that you still have international nerfs. Who knows how 💯T will perform. Don’t take any chances with them TSM! Fortunately you should still be able to return to the LCS without skipping a beat. C9, 75%: You guys got obliterated at Rift Rivals, but, you had a a valid excuse of your cosplayer being ill. You also have to face Liquid so oof. You’re still sitting at a 5-3 record so you should be fine. CLG, 85%: You’re so close to achieving your potential just don’t collapse and you’ll make the playoffs. Start by crushing the hopes and dreams of CG. Hopefully Stixxay can maintain 2016 vintage. Optic, 80%: Congrats on your early success this split even beating the likes of TSM. However, you guys choked a free win against Echo Fox due to a greedy push so I’m still skeptical of how well fortified the Green Wall is. I wonder when you will get to put your Crown back on again? Golden Guardians, 70%: You’v returned to the clutches of a .500 record. A convincing win against Optic will silence your doubters, Otherwise CG might get a chance to overtake you in the standings. Clutch Gaming, 75%: You are on the verge of breaking into the top 5. You will probably carve out a niche around the 4th or 5th for a decent bit with your current trajectory. 💯 Thieves, 80%: This team is on a mission to pull off their craziest heist yet. Stealing a playoff berth. With Ryu in the starting roster anything can happen. Echo Fox, 40%: There’s still playoff hopes for you. Albeit you’re on pretty thin ice. Beating Flyquest is the first step towards this goal. Although the mountain to get there is very very high. Also hope you guys have your investor issues resolved. Good luck. Flyquest, 10%: At this point you probably just want this season to end if you go 0-2 again this week. The less said about this season the better. You can no longer make the excuse that you’re struggling due to a tough schedule. Now if only tanking was a thing.
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