What's your take on Global Power Rankings?

_Note: This is merely opinion and discussion. Also I've wanted to bring this to mention for a while as I do want to try to go into somewhat of an analytical role different from most._ For those that ever acknowledge them, these are some of the more controversial pieces of content that hit the League eSports community. Even back to when Riot eSports made articles covering them, I would see backlash on the boards, Reddit, and even the analyst desks at Worlds ripping the analysts new ones every time. There are an immense amount of opinions that get spoken with or against articles or other opinions as a whole, whether or not you have an explanation behind your reasoning even. Currently ESPN eSports covers rankings. And personally, I do not like most criteria for power rankings. Some do A over B logic which stems to image matchups. Others use regional bias and recency bias. Some will just look at the numbers and make judgment off of that. And lastly, individual talent ramping towards the team as a whole. For me, I use a bit of some and this question: "Is this team performing well to expectations?" * If you're at the top, keep proving it. You get some grace for even a slip up * If you're at the bottom or fell past that slip up - like a demotion in ranked, you got work to do but you won't really go up until you prove me something against the right opponents. In my case, people would and are probably saying now SKT, currently ranked 12th on the ESPN rankings jumping **27** placements since the last entry, is on a comeback from their 4 match winstreak and is in discussion for a top 10-15 area. I don't. Their 4 win streak this summer was literally the lower half of the standings at the time. Plug in the shaky 2-0-less IG, bottom of the barrel Flash Wolves, and an unproven against the "Top" Esports; it's like food for promise. Until they beat the upper half domestically, I don't see a meaningful discussion. I mean yeah they're up there. But globally: there are more sound n steady teams. It's one of those cases where that felt like a spike more than a convincing incline. _If anyone wonders, they're at my high 10s, low 20s until probably their Gen G and Griffin matches in Week 7 on my personal list. This is considering all teams above them don't go mental boom._ And just like that, that's a lot to account for and it's not even all I could go on about for one team! I haven't had time to create a collective count of the major regions or at least the core 4 as I call them, but I just wanted to speak some peace and know what other opinions exist out there. Until next time, this is my favorite champion: {{sticker:sg-soraka}}

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