MSI 2017 Prize Pool and Challenger Skins

So, during the fall Riot announced some changes to the funding for the prize pool of their major events; 25% of sales of the Championship skins\wards would go to the World's prize pool and same for the Challenger Skins and MSI. Now the Midseason Invitational is a few weeks away with Playoffs about to start and we haven't had anew Challenger skin for season 7., While the previous 2, Ahri and Nidalee, came out in January. There was a Riot post saying they were trying to workshop the skin line to differentiate it more from the Championship ones, which is fine but given the delays runs into conflict with their Aforementioned funding commitment. Now we could see a new skin revealed soon, and\or Nidalee and Ahri could be made available again. Yet in such a case accounting may be somewhat rushed and it doesn't seem fair for the teams that will make it to the MSI to not know how much they're competing for and what SKT\SSG\KT will win.
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