If Fnatic go on to play offs , I will be disapointed

I LOVE FNATIC AND ITS ORGANIZATION Please , no one label me as some one just blindly hating on Fnatic , because I love them and I have always supported them and the organization. However , this current split , they are playing quite poorly and have being under performing. Yes , Roccat started out the split like shit , but they got SO MUCH BETTER now , I kinda wanna see them going into play offs , and see what happens. I think that Phaxi could end up with rookie of the split and they just look so much better , like come on , the 2 0 Misfits . Sure , Misfits are not in their prime anymore , but they are certainly no push overs. I just think that unless Fnatic get their hands on some Hannibal Lector level Psychiatrist, they are going to do jack shit in play offs , and Roccat taking the seed , could maybe provide more
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