5 Ban Pro Play and Champion Diversity

I think the new champ select with 5 bans for both teams is pretty great, in theory. The issue is that with the current balance, there are several champs that seem like auto-bans (Leblanc, Camille, Rengar with a number of runner-ups). What this means is that we're still seeing the same few champions in each role game after game since what should be 5 bans realistically turns into only 2 or 3 once the "must-bans" are taken into account. I'm hoping that the next balance patch dials back some power of the "must-bans" so that the new 5 ban system can really shine. That being said, in one week I've seen an Ivern jungle, Illaoi top, Kennan ADC, and Ziggs ADC so certainly there is room for some fun picks to shine, hoping for more fun season 7!
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