The fan art of Legends Rising

Hopefully you enjoyed Legends Rising! If you haven't seen it yet, [check it out here](http://ttps://! We featured some incredible fan art in Legends Rising Episode 1 - Faker & Bjergsen "History" and wanted to make sure to give credit where credit is due. Click on the links to go directly to the artist's page where you can see more of their work. ["bjerg vs hai"]( by polkadotzombie ["Bjerg Zed"]( by Sasha-Cabbit ["Bjergsen [TSM]"]( by simoneferriero ["Bjergsen"]( by Roew ["Bjeeerg"]( by Polkadotzombie ["TSM-Bjergsen Leblanc FanArt"]( by Kanra-Tsuna ["TSM Bjergsen and Challenger Ahri"]( by SkyeExcalibur ["Bjergerking"]( by Annleigh ["TSM Bjergsen Speed Drawing - League of Legends"]( by sachos345 ["Faker's Zed"]( by OrekiGenya ["Faker-senpai"]( by Honolein ["SKT T1 Faker"]( by Pinoring ["SKT T1 Faker with plant"]( by Pinoring
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