LCS Team Pass Bugged

So for those of us who have watched all of our team's games on time, are we now unable to complete out team passes? I've been stuck at mission 3/8 with 2/3 games watched and the games this weekend didn't count towards completing the mission for some reason. I'm now worried I wont be able to complete the pass after spending money on it. I've seen rioters commenting on our posts saying this bug was intentional, but that proposes an issue. Are they saying that we needed to wait for our mission to activate instead of just watching them when they aired? Because if that's the case, anyone who was actually keeping up with their team is now unable to finish their missions. The missions should have been sequential so that as soon as you complete one, the next one is available so this problem didn't occur. It's just really frustrating to be keeping up with my team and not able to make progress on the fan pass missions because of it.
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