Riot Games Threatens Fines For Teams Playing Against Their All-Female League of Legends Team Riot Games has apparently taken to threaten to fine teams playing against their all-female team, Vaevictis Gaming, who currently play at the PROFESSIONAL LEVEL inside of the LCL. The entire thing reads like a fucking onion article. The main concerns are two matches, where the kills were 52-2 against the girls and Riot threatened to fine the team who beat them for not ending the game faster, artificially lengthening the game for more kills. Then this match where the opposing team played into the joke that girls only play support, and banned 5 support champions. Is there a rule somewhere what you are and aren't allowed to ban? The All-Girls team went on to lose the match. This is similar to Riot's last all-female team, Siren Gaming, who called it quits after only a few matches, were they lost horribly. You might remember them for their cringy as fuck promo video, which admitedly even the girls didnt want to do but where pressured by the promoter to do, and where the phrase 'Bait you and outsmart you' comes from. The average rank of the girls team is Diamond 5 to Diamond 1, where most pros sit at Grandmaster to challenger, a huge margin.
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