MSI Finals. I wanna congratulate Team Liquid.

As much as I want to rub the "EU > NA" meme all over your faces. I would like to say that this thread is NOT about that. I in honest truth would like to conratulate Team Liquid for making it to the finals. Seeing TL destroy Invictus Gaming was intense and honestly, did not even consider it as a possibility. I was coming into the finals scared for G2 because I expected TL to fight. Seeing how they out-played the most aggressive region in League by making smooth stratigic teamfights, I expected TL to do the same with G2, no joke. ___________ At the end of the day, G2 did win, but please, dont let this NA defeat kill the mood. Seeing that you guys took down the 2018 world champions means that you guys can most definitely kick ass at worlds. I cannot wait to see another western finals this September. ___ One last thing I would like to mention. Do not take this as a negative comment, but some much needed feedback for the LCS. The LEC has proved that an all EU team roster can win against an all asian roster. G2 won MSI today, and Fnatic made it to the Finals last year. We have faith in our home talent. I understand that In North America buying imports is a big strategy. But I believe that NA has amazing talent that has yet to be discovered. C9 last year showed two North American rookies make it to semis with Licorice and Zeyzal. What good is it to represent North America when your league does not believe in their home talent? Food for thought. NA has the talent, you just need to look deeper. Don´t get imports if you won´t use them to their fullest potential. ____ Congratulations TL and NA for making a Western Finals! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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