Worlds Group Draw Thoughts

Group A(EDG, SKT, AHQ, TBD): I can feel the intensity of this group before a single game is even played. It will be interesting to see if Scout(former sub mid for SKT) can beat Faker. I have high expectations for this group and I expect some very intense games. SKT should never be underestimated, no matter how "poorly" they played in the LCK finals(Remember what happened to ROX last year). AHQ is the only team I have questions about. I don't know how well they will do considering they got swept by Flash Wolves in the LMS finals, but they did beat KT in Rift Rivals. For now, we wait. Group B(LZ, IMT, GAM): What do these 3 teams have in common? All 3 ~~are~~ were underdogs coming from their respective regions. Longzhu's ascension to the top of the LCK is nothing short of an Incredible Miracle(upvote if you get the reference). In the same boat is IMT, who -just like Longzhu- finished 7th in the Spring Split only to come back to life and look immortal in the Summer Split. Last but definitely not least is GAM, the underdogs of the underdogs. I think it's safe to say that nobody saw GAM as a serious threat to TSM(I'll get to them later) before MSI, but with their explosive play style, I have confidence that they will make waves in group B. I expect to see a lot of explosive games (40+ kills) from all 3 of these teams, as they are all known for their fast-paced play styles and teamfight prowess. Group C(G2, SSG, RNG, TBD): G2 have been placed in nearly the exact same group that TSM was in last year, but I do think it is important to remember that G2 swept WE in the MSI semifinals, so maybe they can take a game off RNG, but I would not call it likely. If there's one thing I learned from the LCK regional qualifier, it's that you should never count Samsung out. After denying KT a spot in Worlds for 2 years in a row (A moment of silence for Score please), Samsung look set to end up in the exact same spot they were in last year: facing SKT in the finals (unless Longzhu has something to say about it). Uzi is like the Score of LPL (except Uzi frequently makes Worlds). I do have a bit of concern for RNG considering they got reverse-swept by EDG in the finals, but considering how well they did against TSM last year, I wouldn’t call it too much of a stretch to say that RNG will finish second (or maybe even first) in Group C. Group D: TSM WIN WORLDS 2017 CONFIRMED ONE-HUNDRED PERCENT!!!! In all seriousness, I don’t think TSM will win Worlds this year, but I do think that this is the best chance they have had in YEARS to make it out of groups (I can’t even imagine the number of memes that will spawn if they don’t). Misfits have achieved their 1-year plan of making it to Worlds, so the real question is how they will perform in Group Stage. Considering this is MSF’s first Worlds appearance, I have many unanswered questions about this team. Not much to say about Flash Wolves other than they have a good chance of making it out of groups. (P.S. This took a long time to type. I would appreciate it if you guys could leave a few upvotes :D)

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