I Hoped Vaevisctus wasn't going to be hot garbage but...

When I first heard of Team Siren 2.0, I gave them the benefit of the doubt. I had my worries but I decided to give them a chance. Just recently, one of their players posted a statement that wished for death to one of her own teammates on Vaevictus, and was issued nothing more than a 2 game ban from the LCL (relevant article linked below). I worried that Vaevictus would become another disaster and make female gamers look like an absolute mess, and a joke, and undeserving of respect. I think there's great potential for female gamers to break into eSports and I'm excited to see a true star break into the spotlight, but when people pull a stunt like Vaevictus or Team Siren, arrogantly taunting their male counterparts, and then falling flat on their face, I'm sorry but I have no sympathy to offer. It's disrespectful to all the legitimate girl gamers who actually take League of Legends seriously, and might actually have aspirations to be pros in League, and now they have to contend with the atrocious legacy of Team Siren and Vaevictus. It's a shame. http://ru.lolesports.com/articles/1161
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