Bucket List of things the LCS should consider

1. Kai’sa is still a thing, whenever you think she becomes irrelevant players will make new builds out of their asses to make her broken. 2. Don’t put all of your eggs in one tower diving level 3 all in mid unless you know for certain you can get the kill safely. 3. Don’t challenge Xmithie to a smite fight. 4. Abuse TF klepto mid mow than you do now. 5. Be creative, but not crazy. Don’t do Tri Force Ashe. 6. Give your journeyman jungler some time to mesh with your team. Cough Echo Fox. Hopefully they can get some mileage out of MikeYeung. 7. Stop getting greedy on the baron push. 8. Don’t use Jarvan as a damage source. 9. Yes ADC’s still exist. 10. Don’t trust TSM with a worlds birth. 11. Sejuani can carry, just don’t miss your ult. 12. It’s possible to slow down the pace of the game. 13. Lane Pyke got gutted so there’s no need to imitate EU or ban Pyke against them. Unless you face Hylissang. 14. Don’t TP in front of your opposing top laner. 15. Aatrox and Akali will always have a place in pro play no matter how many nerfs they receive. If you have any other meme suggestions feel free to comment on them.

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