ORIGEN Sven and Mithy Free Agents

WTF Sven and Mithy are FREE AGENTS WHY? Who will replace them thats left in EU today ? ADC- Forg1ven with his military duty god only knows how long he can play before he gets called for Military Duty. Holyphoenix is from Turkey so in most cases after 1 split he will become homesick and will most likely want to return home so picking him up for the most important split makes no sense. Tabzz is the only adc that I can think of that makes any sense but why bank on someone new for the adc position for again the most important split ? SUPPORT- Noxiak The dude seems like a team player and I like that but Fnatic released him and if they of all teams released him you know hes not that great. Thats like the N.E Patriots picking up a player thats good and The Patriots of all teams going WOW we can't even get anything out of you. Not to mention that he was on Team Roccat a team that Had to know wasn't going anywhere for the spring split and they too released him so if a Grade A Team like Fnatic and a Grade F team Roccat released Noxiak, I just HOPE OG doesn't pick him up. I don't know the personal reasons on why Sven and Mithy left but WTF, if they too leave EU for NA There will really 0 ZERO reason to watch EU LCS this next split. Who are we going to watch that will make that LCS scene competitive for EU ??????
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