Series idea. Postmortems of champions, items, and runes abused by pros

The concept is that I talk about a champion, item, or meta that have been head cases to balance in the Pros. This usually would relate to one of the three aforementioned categories above either being gutted in a recent patch, constantly survives nerfs, fallen off of healthy relevancy for a long time, and/or a broken release. A variant of these posts would be a state of the meta sort of thing An example of some titles for these then and now posts would be like Sylas: Jack of all trades, master of all Akali: The Rogue Rework Patch 8.11: WTF is a meta Kaisa: Vayne 2.0 Guinsoo’s Rageblade: The Early Late Game item Malzahar: The patch that ruined an opportunity Conquer: Just stick to Fervor of Battle This isn’t intended to be Gameplay rants as I will still have blunt humor. It’s more about a history lesson related to the meta of the pro scene with laughs along the way. At the end of the post I would probably suggest a change to amend for the balancing mistakes made. I encourage comments about other possible subjects and suggestions on what I could do to improve what I proposed. It leads to a better product later.

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