Fix your Fantasy drafting and point scoring.

Riot, It's getting absurd now. You still don't have the points up for the Fox game from last week. This isn't rocket science. Give the players the points up until the point the server crashed. This isn't hard and it shouldn't take you a full week to do. Also, fix your god damned Fantasy drafting. Now we don't even get to know who to pick because teams change their selections day to day. Hey, picked Rekkles for the week? Too bad for you. Picked Mike Yeoung last week? Too bad for you. Riot, start making the draft the POSITION on the team instead of the player. If I pick jungle TSM or ADC Fnatic, it shouldn't matter who they put in that position, I should be getting the points for them. You're a multi-billion dollar company and you can't have somebody managing Fantasy issues?

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