BO3 has seriously dwindled my LCS viewing

I was very excited when BO3 got announced and Friday evening games introduced and duo streams. I always watch on so I get all the stats and it's seamless (highly recommend using to view using youtube viewer, twitch seems garbage to me). BUT As the last season wore on I found myself not watching as much or just watching CLG games. This season started and I'm not lying I've only watch 4 matches without skipping forward for big kill changes. BO3 CAN be just as quick as a BO2, but a fair number still got to 3. Just knowing that I won't be able to watch all the teams play anymore is also a factor. It's like an enormous amount of hours watching LOL if I want to keep up to date. I've gotten so tired of reddit and memes that I can't look at the subreddit anymore. I'd like it if Riot did some surveys through email to see if people would rather a BO2 format. I couldn't care less about ties and a winner. I don't want to watch the same two teams for 3 hours, even CLG I can't watch if it goes to 3 games. Riot also I know you guys have the talent, I think you should start looking into producing a recap show each night. Especially if this is going to start getting broadcast on TV sometime. If I watch my local news for an hour they have a segment where they talk about sports and viewers can see Ok, clg beat tsm (of course) c9 beat envy dig beat fly and so on, and there could be a highlight reel or if someone had some great plays it could be focused on or something, a little more attention paid to the top few teams. Make this so I can watch it more casually without dedicating my weekend to it, because so far I've shown to myself that I will not spend even a modicrum of time if it seems so overwhelming.
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