I hate TL and I hate Steve but...

So full disclosure I am a C9 megafan I have 3 shirt and my son has a shirt as well. I always enjoyed the fact that everyone else choked for 3 years straight, their tears were delicious, was C9 the best team in NA over the past 3 years? Nah but they perform well Internationally because they NEVER choke its just the nature of the team, if youre chill all the time with no pressure you're very unlikely to choke. Picking on DL was always my favorite he was very clearly the best in NA but he had a huge mental block, I loved to hear his fans brag and then cry at the end of the year, it was great. I never particularly dislike the dude just his fans and they always ended up eating their words. Always hated Steve on a personal level because I dont think he has the ability to grow people he just has money and I dont like that kind of peole. But after saying all that I have to tip my hat and bow out, beating IG is the greatest accomplishment of NA bar none. I still think C9 is overall more successful but if you're just looking at peak LoL for NA here it is, it is DL and it is Team Liquid no question about it. Anyway I think what I am trying to say is that DL and TL have silence their loudest haters permanently with this accomplishment, good job yall.
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