As a tournament organizer I'm appalled and saddened for our community.

Anyone else had enough? to me It's OKAY that their server sucks sometimes, it's OKAY that they ignore the outcries of the community on balance issues most of the time, but they've gone too far this time... Riot recently changed it'd prizing system, and didn't inform tournament organizers about one of the key changes (and removed the FAQ page from their website at the same time!) which (from my organization alone) has prevented summoners who earned their rewards from receiving upwards of 400,000 Riot Points in the last two weeks, and now I'm told it will be up to a month before anything is corrected! That's 200 summoners blaming -me- for them not getting their prizing, while I'm stuck here tossing emails at Riot for over a week before they come up with an "Oops.. by the way" response. P.S. Riot, have you ever considered live chat, or phone support? P.P.S. Someone asked which tournaments these are; for the sake of continued honesty, transparency, and the best support we can provide YOU with our team -- despite the negative connotations of this thread, which I will say is not a norm for us -- we are happy to provide this information... I am Darkorpse, the founder and head administrator at Not So Stock Gaming ( P.P.P.S Prizing has finally started to go out; some events seem they will take longer than others and we're working with Riot to make things happen as quickly as possible
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