Finally I can say this in confidence

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, the time... has come. The king's crown shall be held by the same king no longer, off with his head. #TheFallOfSKT #RNGWin .> SKT Won't Even Make It Past Semi's .> I Bet 50 Dollars On RNG Winning Worlds .> Forgot about Longzhu So I officially say, that SKT is no longer the best team in the world, not even the second team in the world. But third. Peanut is underperforming and is a rookie on that team Top remains a weakness Faker is also underperforming SKT>>>>>>>>>>>Misfits so it's obvious what happens there, same with RNG>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Fnatic But when they meet in the semifinals Season 3 rivalry SKT shall be dethroned But the question is Who will win in the finals? RNG, or Longzhu? (RNG Please) (Even if it's another asian team, at least not koreans winning worlds every goddamn time please) RNG>SKT but is RNG>Longzhu???
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