My thoughts on play-in stage [Day 1-2 Spoilers]

Just a random post, to hopefully bring some positivity in this place **Warning OP's first language is not England reader discretion is advised ** I am glad of the play-in stage, even though some games are quite stompy (C9 dominating their group, GMB not doing well), it is important to consider the valuable experience these weaker teams are getting from this event. The only way for these smaller regions to start improving is to get matched with the stronger ones (LCK, LPL, NA, EU, LMS) and probably lose from them, so they can see what they are doing wrong (picks/bans, map rotations, ward coverage, etc.) and work on it. Because it is very hard for a team to improve if they are the best in their region ( especially if said region is weak ). Overall I am hopefull for the future of the World championship and expect to start seeing a higher level of competition as time goes by

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