This Week in League Week 5

With EU done with raiding NA, pillaging us of all valuables, enslaving the inhabitants, and salting the Earth so nothing will ever grow again. We can get back to our favorite pastime in seeing blowouts, late game slugfests, clownfiesta’s, and Captain Flowers rapping in NA. Haven’t been posting that much since there’s not been a lot to talk about. But, that doesn’t matter now that I’m back! Day 1 FLY vs FOX Two teams that are desperate for wins only one can come out on top. Both teams compete in an arms race as their comps both look to heavily scale. This is also the returning debut of MikeYeung who still exists. Not much happened early game aside from a few sucessful ganks. After Solo got caught out, however, Flyquest traded first brick for Shelly. Flyquest continued to take matters in their own hands and performed a precision air strike onto Fenix in the midlane. It then translated into the Macro Wars in which the Luke Poebelter was the main battering ram and making valley bombing runs to chunk Echo Fox’s tanks. Flyquest then became the evil empire themselves as they used their poke to oppress Echo Fox. Solo tried to make a distraction so his team could rush baron. They forgot that Flyquest had TP’s. Retreat? What is that they just let V1per set up the perfect engage and complete a 5 man wipe for a baron dragon sweep. Echo Fox didn’t have a lords prayer to stop Flyquest and used their skins to make coats for the climb up the mountain to a playoff berth. “Holy Moly” indeed. TL vs C9 Team Liquid want to put C9 back in their place before they can pose a threat for the top spot. C9’s roster issues further continue as Licorice is out for this game with Kumo as his substitute. The good news is that C9’s cosplayer is back on stage again. After some technical difficulties, the game was off to a bloody start as both bot lanes killed their ADC’s. Little did we know of the pummeling that was going to happen. A fight around the blue triggered the snowball. C9 dragged Liquid across the Rift like a dog on a leash in the midgame. A fight around shelly enabled Kumo to join in on the fun. He looked like Khan back in 2017 with how good his Jayce looked shattering the brick wall that is Impact. If Kumo didn’t kill you it was evil mastermind Nisqy on Veigar who was nuking people like he was playing Civilization. Svenskaren would be caught out from time to time. Despite these catch outs, C9’s siege was too much as they could take whatever they wanted when grouped. A baron buff and some old fashion brute force was enough to finish off Liquid. Sorry Doublelift, but, your “pocket pick” did next to nothing this game. TSM vs 100T In this episode of The Heist, the thieves have to pull off their craziest exploit yet to prove they are not a fluke. TSM would be the perfect target for a statement win as their morale is rock bottom after Rift Rivals. The comps were looking to both wage the scaling wars as carries are put in all solo lanes. TSM got to dictate the pace for the early game with Akaadian being seemingly everywhere. TSM got to make plunder botlane repeatedly with Smoothie kill “securing” a triple kill. TSM then treats bot lane like their former top laner. Bjergsen then dive bombed Ryu for taking his Azir like a Talon does when their Zed is taken. Refusing to let Bjergsen take the show was Akaadian who collapsed on anyone deemed killable. These Thieves were getting a little too gutsy and got chunked out enabling TSM to eviserate baron. What they did to the baron they did the same to both 100 Theives and the base. This heist ended in disaster as this band of thieves got busted. GGS vs OPT The Guardians and Green Wall fight to the death to see who is the superior sexy new superpower. Next to nothing happened early though Hauntzer asserted his dominance in the Fiora Aatrox matchup. The green wall set up the perfect counter to Contractz gank enabling Arrow to get a cash in on Draven. After more Macro Wars, the Guardians, learning nothing from the previous attempt tried to shut down Draven only to get collapsed upon giving Optic full control of the midgame. Hauntzer didn’t skip a beat, however, carving up Dhokla like he does turrets. The Guardians looked to bounce back. They then forgot that Optic had an Azir as they cheesed a 23-minute baron. This allowed them to break mid. After baron, it was a game of cat and mouse between Hauntzer and the Green wall. Optic got a second baron and weren't bothering with backing off, they were going straight for the kill shot. Froggen took an Arrow to the heart, or in this case, a spinning machete axe that crit. Afterward, the Guardians didn’t have enough wave clear to defend the nexus. This leaves the Guardians at a sub .500 record CG vs CLG If CLG believe they are elite, they’ll need to fend off CG who look to break into the top 6. Early game, not much happened. Though, Talm Kench acquired more gold than a Jayce in the early game. Both teams would focus on opposite points of the map. CLG would then look to push the tempo as BioFrost and Wiggly were dunking buddies as they collapsed on multiple CG members. Enter the macro wars as turrets were traded top and bot. Huni broke the deadlock as he TP’ed to pick off Stixxay. The game became quiet again as towers and wave clear was the name of the game. POE also got rainbowed by Vulcan. This then became a no holds bar scrapheap with one rule, blow up anyone in sight. Tankiness meant nothing with how fast everyone got collapsed upon. After Lira stole the drake from CLG, Ruin got the dream flank to allow BioFrost to do the honors of dunking Lira and Huni. This gave CLG a free baron to take over the game, though they did near jack shit with it at the start. It took the whole 3 minutes of the buff to break the base. Slow, but, the same nonetheless. CLG used this advantage to methodically pick CG apart to stay in the top 4. If you think you are elite CLG, beat TSM, TL, or C9 convincingly in the next half of the split. Day 2 FOX vs GGS Echo Fox have a slimer of hope to squeeze into the playoff race. Unfortnatly, they run into a legion of guardians hungry for a weak target to pick off. The botlane got to dictate the pace of the game as Huhi doesn’t let his support role inhibit him from carrying the game. Some skirmishes leads to a quiet midgame. An infernal made sure to break the silence. From there the intesity was cranked to 11 as the lure of baron draws the blood lust out of both teams. Echo Fox then collapse on FBI. He stopwatched? He should be blown up as soon as that ends. Wait he’s still alive? No worries, Yasuo is kill him. How is he still alive?!!! The time bought in saving FBI enabled Hauntzer to perform a deathrole on the Fox. Even though FBI still died, this gave the guardians the baron which enabled them to get a stranglehold on the game that Echo Fox couldn’t break free from. C9 vs CG C9 have a chance to establish themselves as the alpha league team going into the 2nd half of the split. They don’t care that CG want to avoid an 0-2 week as they have more important matters to attend to. Clutch Gaming, WTF are you trying to do with your draft, your only consistent damage is Cassiopeia who is the top laner. C9 learned a bit from Rift Rivals and have adopted Klepto Twisted Fate mid. C9 got to dictate most of the game with Sneaky getting to absorbing the pressure. C9 kept the skirmish train going as they constantly dove top leaving Sneaky to his own devices. This would pay off as Sneaky and Nisqy went to work at carving Vulcan’s tanky shell to secure the all mighty Infernal Drake. From there C9 got to take whatever they wanted and no member from Clutch could do anything to stop them. Cody Sun was carrying the Earth and heavens but it wasn’t enough sry buddy. 100T vs TL Both teams are coming off of rough losses yesterday Impact took some notes on their humiliation at the hands of C9 and used Jayce in an attempt to smash the laning phase. The theives pulled on the trigger first. There was hope that they could snowball a lead against the evil empire. They made the biggest mistake however of getting bloodthirsty in a botlane gank practically spoonfeeding a triple kill to Doublelift. This doesn’t deter them from continuing to dive them though. After a trading of shelly and mountain drake, the teams settled into a macro midgame. FakeGod gets …. SOOO CLOSE at killing the Friggin ZOE! The game was looking to remain quiet until Liquid decided to bombard the midlane and wipeout Bang in the firefight. They say imitation is the best form of flattery. 100 Thieves think so as they didn their own engage mid. It seemed like it was going to be a disaster until Ryu cleaned up his team’s mess. Liquid play the game of cat and mouse to in hopes of securing a clean baron. An infernal distracts both teams from baron. Speaking of Dragons, Liquid has accumulated 4 of them, this won’t come to backfire on 100T at all. Ryu and Bang made for a deadly hitman duo as they asserted their dominance at midlane enabling a baron secure and further continued to kill off Liquid members after baron. Ryu’s swagger was taking over fights even with Bang getting picked off. Liquid take another crack at Can You Secure Baron? Ryu uses this game to get the mid inhib tower. After Amazing botches the engage, Ryu kites for his life looking like a scripter with how good he was orb walking with spells. Liquid then tries the elder drake version of the game and actually pull it off. The Liquid Sona Tarik onslaught was too much for the new swagger of 100T to handle. CLG vs TSM Ah a classic rivalry that TSM just wants to brush aside. CLG do everything in their power to keep this rivalry going by expertly countering a botlane dive. TSM learning nothing from the previous dive tried again but it just added kerosine to a dumpster fire. PowerofEvil was on fire and had a better Corki than Ryu last game. CLG got to control the midgame with Ruin absorbing pressure to get Rift Herald. Oh wait they botched it and gave TSM a free infernal. No worries though as we have super Wiggly to save the day! An engage mid by TSM gives them crucial shutdowns on POE and Stixxay. Meanwhile top lane, Wiggly fully abused the healing on Kingslayer for the rest of his team to collapse on Akaadian. This gave CLG a free baron. They used it to capitalize on a teamfight win after TSM secured the ocean drake by breaking TSM’s base. The pain train just wouldn’t stop as CLG was able to revive their rivalry with TSM after 1,176 days of losing to them. Nice research CaptainFlowers. Also congrats on proving me wrong CLG so far. FLY vs OPT Flyqyest continue on their quest of climbing up the standing ladder. Optic will be a tough test however, as they want to get into the top 3 by any legal means necessary esspecially now since they have a Crown on again. After Santorin got a successful gank mid, Optic used Santorin’s location giveaway to kill the infernal. Optic tried a gank of their own in the bot lane. But wait! Azir is in this game which meant they could cheese an ocean drake. Any-who back to laning til people farm for power-spikes. In a fight near dragon, Poebelter Shurima Shuffles Crown giving his team the infernal. Poebelter then reverts to Week 3 form and goes back to his favorite past time of getting caught out. Enter the Macro wars. V1per then jebaited Dhokla into over-comitting to trying to unsuccessfully kill him. This then gives Flyquest a surge of momentum to get infernal drake and more kills. Optic stay competitive by destroying mid. Poebelt then realizes he’s Poebelter and gets a triple kill on Azir which translates into a baron. The floodgates opened for the minions once the base broke. Arrow got to capitalize on Flyquest greediness he got the shutdowns on Poebleter and V1per giving Optic a free baron. They use this buff to equalize the gold and get a free Elder Drake. With double buffs they should have no trouble closing this game. Wrong, they wanted to one-up Flyquest for choking. We get baron buff, we get the elder drake, we get aced at Flyquest’s inhibs, we lose the game? Takeaway’s from this week Can’t get a read on MikeYeung just yet: A lot of the losses were due to the team as a whole. C9 is an elite team: I was suspicious of them. The win against Liquid was enough to convince me that they are the cream of the crop. Not quite committed on CLG: Need one more convincing win on the big three for me to fully convince me that they are elite Flyquest and 100T are in the same boat: They’re both trying to get into the top 6 though they both have large mountains to climb. Um Guardians, aren’t you going to, you know, wake up?: The Guardians better make changes to keep up with Optic to compete for the same audience looking for a new non-OG team to become the top team. Not quite sold on Kumo's legitimacy: Sure he absolutely popped off on those two games, but, the true test of his staying power will be if he can translate his success into next week when teams can prepare for him. NA teams picked up on Global meta: Picks like TF mid and Sylas Jungle have been making their impact on the global stage. May we hope that Licorice's wrists can recover Well, that took some years off our lives.

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