NA > EU... EU > NA... You’re Missing the Point

...We are at the Worlds Championship. Yes, EU has historically performed better. Yes, NA destroyed EU at Rift Rivals in glorious fashion. Let it all go. I stand before you all in support of a greater cause. We DO NOT need to be fighting each other! Our rivalry is fun and sure it’s cool to poke fun at each other... but we share a common enemy! The west is full of great personalities and players who continually get the finger and get written off because they play in the West. But the West IS getting better and more competetive. I don’t care if you’re NA or EU, I WILL support you and your team to beat those slimy, smug, eastern tree stumps. If NA falls, whatever. Im gonna throw out my best EU support to beat the Koreans and the Chinese! We are in this together! Stop pitting us against each other. I’d gladly watch an EU team hoist the trophy if it couldn’t be an NA team and I hope an EU fan would feel the same way. Let’s suppoet each other! Lets take down those smug Korean and Chinese crybabies!
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