E-Sports Interview Opportunity; Northwestern University & National Publication

Self-Segregation in Professional Gaming (By Sex)
I'm a summer journalism student at Northwestern University looking to publish an article on the creation of female gamer leagues and teams in League of Legends. This form is only to collect contact information for potential sources; it does not guarantee that you will be contacted.
I'm writing an article on the creation of female gamer leagues and teams in LoL and pitching it to a few national publications. Looking for anyone experienced in gaming, doesn't have to be League. If y'all could help me spread this around, it'd be greatly appreciated. I want to represent all points of view, so if you're for it or against it, feel free to respond. I'm trying to get an accurate reflection of the community, guys and girls included. Also, if you have access to streamers or professional players, I'd appreciate that too. I'm currently talking to gamers signed with Dignitas if that adds anything. Thank again, NU Summer Journalism Student

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