SKT vs FNC "Upset"

Anyone else feel like SKT purposely gave away the game? If SKT won, they significantly increased the chances of RNG locking in the 2nd place seed. Instead, they opened up the game to a potential tiebreaker match for second place. Giving FNC another shot to eliminate SKT's stronger competition with a low risk of compromising their 1st place seed. Of course, LEC fans want to believe FNC is a top contender but c'mon... They've been hot garbage. Clutch (NA's 3rd seed) has been inches from taking them down. Listen to the shoutcasters though and OMG LEC SO GUD. WE DOING THIS BOYS. ALL SKILL. SKT NOT SO GUD. ERMAGHERD. I realize they're the hometown teams but really???... Unless there's some bribing going on behind the scenes. I think the LEC is going to have a very sobering quarterfinals. INB4 LEC FLAMES XD

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