This Week in League Week 6

America has just won another World Cup, the free agent frenzy in both the NBA and NHL has quieted down significantly, and we got to witness one of the greatest Wimbledon finals in history. Now it’s time to see what the League Gods have given us. TSM vs CG After losing their favorite pastime of beating up CLG, they need to recoup against Clutch Gaming, a team that they usually have trouble with, though last time TSM wrekt CG. However, CG decided to be bold. They went straight for the blind pick Quiana. TSM replied with something even crazier, Azir top. Both teams went straight at each other. TSM got the better end of the skirmishes and took command of the early and mid game. Damonte and Huni trying to carry the Earth and Heavens to keep his team afloat. The rest of the team didn’t seem to get the memo as the mid and top laners constantly had to carry fights to make up for the slack of their teammates. CG tried finding momentum and successfully rushed baron, but it came at the cost of two members. This baron buff only delayed TSM’s push. The real star of the show was Bjergsen and his AD Twisted Fate. He wasn’t going that wussy defensive Guardian Angel he went straight for the crit build. The map pressure he applied was invaluable. The onslaught just wouldn’t stop and TSM was able to brute force their way to victory. TL vs CLG CLG have a swagger they haven’t had in a long time. They look to use this in hopes of usurping Team Liquid. TL established their presence in the early game as Ruin ran into a brick wall. It’s name is Impact in pirate form. This required Wiggly to bring the matchup back in order. However, this allowed Doublelift to take over the bot lane. CLG tried to salvage the early game with shelly. Impact then stole it and it becomes a complete disaster for CLG. This blew open the vaults for TL got to do whatever they wanted. It seemed that all hope was lost as TL were on the verge of breaking CLG. But then, Ruin popped off and kept CLG’s hopes of first alive. Unfortunately, Ruin’s playing Renekton and the kills went to him instead of Azir. When Liquid had a giant crocodile their way, they just ignored it and collapsed on the rest of the team. GGS vs FLY This game has serious playoff implications as both teams are on opposite trajectories. Flyquest is on the rise while the Guardians are on the decline. V1per was back on his signature Riven and made his point to prove that the original 3 strike Q is better. Teamfights were super explosive with anyone that was within focusing range was blown up immediately. Flyquest got the better of these fights thanks to V1per’s heroics. It looked like an ARAM game with how frequent these crazy fights were. Not even Froggen’s Vel’Koz could stop the onslaught. Predictably, Flyquest won the game off of an ace. Flyquest now have a real chance to steal the Guardians playoff spot as they are below a .500 record. C9 vs FOX Echo Fox are in absolute panic mode to keep their entire year alive. Once again, C9 doesn’t care for such narratives and also have the hot hand in Kumo. C9 dominated the early game, constantly and successfully ganking solo. However, they let FOX rack up the drakes. What should have been an easy victory became a lategame slugfest as C9 plays down to their competition really? And Echo Fox got to dictate the pace. They dragged C9 across the map due to the threat of a 4 buff elder drake. Kumo’s Jayce fell off to Solo’s GP who turned the tides of fights. Hakuho’s Yummi was crucial in keeping his teammates topped off in between poke wars. The ocean drakes that C9 let go also came back to haunt them. No amount of AP stacked on Veigar in the world could save your team Nisqy. Despite getting the second elder drake C9 got aced and it was lights out. OPT vs 100T Similar to the Guardians Flyquest match, except Optic is in a better spot than the Guardians, 100T need this win to stay realistically in contention for the playoffs. The early game was the Bang show as he was the one who got the kills in the early ganks. The lure of an infernal caused both teams to go bloodthirsty and ravage each other. The thieves got the infernal while Optic got one more kill in the teamfight. In the macro wars, the Thieves caught Dhokla out while Optic mirrored them by catching out Ryu. Bang made sure to reassert his dominance as Arrow looked poised to steal his spotlight. He then gets caught out due to a greedy recall. Now’s your chance Optic to take control of this game. How do you only trade one for one in a 4v5 when 100T don’t have their fed Kai’sa. Strangely, despite going Stormrazor, Bang decided to go for a Nashor’s Tooth build. The thieves then rush baron and get out with Aphromoo as the sacrificial lamb. Bang then gets caught out for the 2nd time which stifles the thieves baron buff. That didn’t matter though as they effortlessly brute-forced their way into the Nexus Day 2 FLY vs TL Flyquest have hope you say, let’s kill off those dreams right now. We have the perfect weapon. Everyone on Team Liquid is a super weapon. From start to finish this game was over before it began. Doublelift’s Caitlyn turned the laning phase into a bullet hell with Impact being the brick wall he is. Even the league gods were on their side as they were gifted infernals and mountain drakes with their lead. Liquid showed no mercy. It only took them 28 minutes and a baron buff to obliterate Flyquest’s hopes and dreams. They raided the base, enslaved the inhabitants and minions, and salted the Rift so nothing would ever grow again C9 vs TSM Since the dawn of time, these teams have clashed. Their bouts, reality-shattering and their ferocity and drive to win against each other are stronger than the core of the Earth. Initially, it seemed one-sided as TSM took total control of the early game with lane dominant picks like Rumble mid. A 3-0 teamfight in favor of TSM for shelly opened the floodgates for them. The mid-game became a real-life bullet hell for C9 as Zven and BrokenBlade went full lethality on Varus and Jayce. TSM was relentless in their attack chunking out C9 and winning fights before they have even begun. With a 7K gold deficit, it seemed like there was no hope for the boys in blue. However, something amazing happened. Instead of rolling over and dying, they went all in and became scrappy. What started with a pick on BrokenBlade turned into a reverse snowball that kept on rolling. There was nothing TSM could do to stop the maelstrom. Out of desperation, TSM forced and got baron. However, not only did it cost TSM 4 of their members, it cost them the game. C9 fans rejoice as we have smited our arch nemesis! CLG vs GGS The Guardians are slumping and need some momentum for the 2nd half of the split but have to deal with a resurgent CLG. Like their trajectories, CLG started with a commanding lead with PowerOf Evil taking the charge. Wherever he went, death followed, though sometimes for his team. This lead to a dominant mid game where CLG went where they pleased. Hey BioFrost, where you goin? NOO not there! With BioFrost getting picked off, the Guardians retaliated at their oppressive landlords in CLG. The fight win enables them to rush baron successfully. After they backed, they wasted no time and went straight to midlane to break the base. The damage caused by said baron gave the Guardians complete reign of the map and calmly take the next baron. After killing baron, the Guardians picked off 2 CLG members, instead of recalling they went straight for the kill 100T vs FOX 2 Teams desperate to stay in the playoff race. Bang decides to go for a wild pick in Jinx. It pays dividends as he was as he was able to snipe off Apollo for first blood. The thieves made sure to keep up the tempo as they were bloodthirsty early. They might have gotten overzealous early, but it felt like the game was in their control for the most part. Everywhere FOX went, the thieves would teleport behind them to pick them off. Bang was essentially a moving turret as he was pumping out ludicrous damage. Also for some reason Amazing got 5 kills on Sejuani (he was probably “kill securing”) CG vs OPT A game of similar playoff implications, CG is trying to bounce back after a rough past few weeks. Damonte, undeterred by yesterday chose Quiyana again. Their plan was simple, anyone in sight dies. Optic opted for a scaling comp. Interestingly Cody Sun elected to go for a crit build. Despite some shenanigans by Dhokla’s TF top, CG pushed forth and did everything to get Damonte ahead. Their investment pays off as he obliterated Optic with wall detonations teamfight after teamfight. The only thing that stifled their momentum was their habit of over extending. Damonte and Cody Sun learned this the hard way. Fortunately, they earned the favor of the League Gods and got 3 mountain drakes along with an infernal. This enabled them to shred baron and execute Optic with one final push. Playoff Picture and Takeaways We are past halfway into the split and C9 and TL have once again solidified themselves as the apex predators. It’s just that C9 looks more vulnerable to playing down to their competition, though they both dropped a game to Echo Fox. They left CLG and TSM as 7-5 roomates. Most likely to make the playoffs. As for the rest of the teams. The playoff race is more butt-clenching than ever. I think Kumo is a legitimate top laner that can be starting for a number of teams. Flyquest are back though they got wrekt by Liquid. Playoff predictions Liquid and C9 are first and second. I’m going out on a limb and saying that CLG will be third and TSM are 4th. The remaining two playoff spots I believe will be in the hands of Golden Guardians and Flyquest. Now watch as these predictions blow up in my face.

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