So, What Would Be the Best Way to Show Displeasure at the LCS?

We're kind of at the point where nobody can solve the puzzle that is NA and why it's bad. I mean, everyone has their main reasons why, and as far as I can say, they're all true. Of course some of these things are going to be easier than others to solve (I mean, you want to fix the ping? You want to attempt a massive overhaul of the American telecom infrastructure? In a country this big and a government that's currently thumbing its nose at you at every turn? Good luck), but there are few solutions that isn't shot down by the next guy over. And as far as I can tell, the LCS front office and Riot itself has met us with either dispassionate silence or giggling contempt. I think, then, the next step should be obvious: tell them how we really feel. Tell them that we think the LCS sucks as a brand and as a League and we deserve better. Question is, what do we actually do? I had thrown out the idea of showing up to the LCS studio week 1 and just booing the hell out of everyone and everything as a random thought. Probably poorly thought out and written in a moment of emotion, but I'm not a big fan of deleting tweets unless they're absolutely egregious. I don't know, just something to get their attention.
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