Time for TSM to Shake up Their Roster

As a TSM fan, I am PISSED. I remember watching TSM at worlds last year, right after their dominant 17-P1 summer split. I was like "WOO TSM GONNA DO SOMETHING FOR NA!!!" They go 2-1 in first week, not bad. They go 1-2 week 2 and lost the tiebreaker to RNG. Now it is this year, Worlds 2017, TSM have same roster, win NA finals 3 times in a row, I'm thinking "Ok, this year we will at least get to quarterfinals right?" They go 2-1 week 1, not bad, though a loss to Misfits is concerning. They go 1-3 week 2, but this time THEY HAD A TIEBREAKER CHANCE. And they play like crap, and they lose. TSM goes home. So, with all that, I think their are a few glaring concerns that need to be addressed this offseason for TSM: 1. GET RID OF SVENSKEREN Sven is done. He always underperforms in the regular split, shows up at playoffs, and makes it a 4v5 at Worlds. HE DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. When I watched the games for week 2, I see a draft that gives a losing bot lane, somewhat snowball top lane, and a safe mid lane. This puts pressure on Sven to make plays and keep the bot lane from getting smashed. But what happens. TSM BOT LANE GETS SMASHED BY ENEMY JGER, AND SVEN JUST WALKS AROUND FARMING AND DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FOR THE GAME. This happened last year at worlds too. TSM bot lane gets smashed, enemy bot lane snowballs HARD, gg. It's time we got someone like Contractz, Xmithie, SOMEONE who will actually do something in the jg role. 2. Doublelift... I don't think he is as bad as people say. His problem? Getting caught out, and Sven. When his jger is doing nothing to help him, he has to play so safe cuz he knows the enemy jger is gonna dive him and Bio and get their bot lane fed. And that's what happens. I can't criticize Doublelift too much, because he knows how to carry once he gets out of the laning phase. The problem is, once the teamfighting phase happens, the enemy bot lane is already 2 items ahead because Sven offers 0 presence. 3. Draft needs to prioritize Bjergsen and Biofrost. Obviously Bjerg is a big time player, but it never shows up at worlds. Why? His champion selection is always a safe control mage. People were saying Bjerg is only MVP cuz he presses R on Syndra. Bullcrap. Bjerg is MVP because his fundamentals are the best in NA. However, the champions he is forced to play at worlds don't allow for him to shine. Put him on a Zed. Put him on a Leblanc. Put him on a Fizz. He knows how to win lane, he knows how to roam and make plays for his team. SET HIM UP TO SUCCEED. At the same time, STOP PUTTING BIODADDY ON A CRAPPY SUPPORT. Lulu is crap. Biofrost is known for his Thresh, Braum, Rakan. Those r playmaking supports (even Braum can be). Let Bio carry his lane and help Doublelift out. He might be a younger player, but he sure has heck plays fantastically when he has the playmaking role. Give it to him. 4. STOP PLAYING THE META Holy crap TSM, you are the most boring team to watch. Predictable, standard, by-the-book drafts. What does this mean? The enemy team already knows exactly what TSM will do, and will completely smash them in the early game. And guess what? That's what happened. In every. Single. Game. TSM ranked last in Firstbloods, turrets, and gold difference @ 15. Gee I wonder why. Maybe it's because you pick the EXACT SAME PLAYSTYLE FOR EVERY GAME. This is WORLDS. Wake up, adjust your playstyle, adjust your drafts, try something crazy. Stop playing the same crap over and over again. TLDR: Get rid of Sven, place the game in the hands of Bjergsen and Biofrost, vary the draft phase, and give Doublelift some help. Thanks for reading -Womp (a pissed off TSM fan){{sticker:sg-shisa}}

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