Who do you think deserves the ALL 1st - 2nd - 3rd winners ?

Here are my picks for the ALL - NA LCS 1ST TEAM TOP IMPACT-CLOUD 9 JNG DARDOCH-IMMORTALS MID JENSEN-CLOUD 9 ADC ARROW-PHOENIX ONE SUP BIOFROST-TEAM SOLOMID 2ND TEAM TOP HAUNTZER-TEAM SOLOMID JNG CONTRACTZ-CLOUD 9 MID BJERGSEN-TEAM SOLOMID ADC STIXXAY-COUNTER LOGIC GAMING SUP SMOOTHIE-CLOUD 9 3RD TEAM TOP SSUMDAY-DIGNITAS JNG LIRA-TEAM ENVYUS MID HAI-FLYQUEST ADC WILDTURTLE-TEAM SOLOMID SUP APHROMOO-COUNTER LOGIC GAMING Honorable mentions Sneaky- He's not really needed to hard carry games, maybe now that C9 are looking rough he's needed more than ever put it's obvious he's not as needed as the other ADC players on the list, not to mention his # numbers are down from where they were last split but have played longer games this split and with C9 are in the longest game averages. Meteos- Honestly if the Jungle position was so stacked this split he would be on it and seeing we have 1 more week he might actually take a spot. Akaadian - He's got a lot of kills but also a lot of deaths, he gets lead and for his team but it goes to waste honestly. Ryu - really deep mid stops him at #4 for me but has time to take a spot on my list. Xpecial - If the story is true about Xpecial shotcalling he could/should be on the list depending on how week 9 goes. Think I'm dead wrong, think I'm an idiot, think I'm sexy then comment and let me know what are your All NA LCS teams, thank you and have a good one!
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