2015 League of Legends Esports Q&A [COMPLETED]

Even as we were celebrating the 2014 World Championship, we were already hard at work planning out our 2015 season. We've had some announcements recently with our Mid-Summer Invitational, All-Star Game and now with our Worlds location announcement (Europe, yes!), we're stoked to talk about all things 2015 League of Legends esports! That's a wrap, thank you for joining us! We'll continue to check in for questions throughout the day. The 2015 #LCS season kicks off [tomorrow at 1800 CET/9:00AM PDT ](http://na.lolesports.com/schedule/2015-01-19) with Elements facing FNATIC live from our new studio in Berlin, Germany! [Dustin Beck, VP of Esports](https://twitter.com/riotredbeard) [Whalen Rozelle, Director of Esports](https://twitter.com/riotmagus) [Jason Yeh, Head of EU Esports](https://twitter.com/jasonoliver) [Nick Allen, Esports Manager, League Operations](https://twitter.com/RiotNickAllen)

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