The One Single Rule Competitive Play Needs To Increase Its Entertainment 300%

This isn't the first time I've posted this, but I feel really passionate about it. I really think after this Worlds the best move Riot could make would be implementing a rule where once a champion is actually played in a series, it can't be used again. It's really tiresome as a viewer to see the same 4 bot laners each and every game, seeing Gragas belching around for oh idk the 40,000th time, and recently Urgot and Aatrox as staples. Yes. It would throw a huge wrench into things but I feel it would add more elaborate picks (most likely teams choosing A-B tiers in early games while feeling the other team out- or would they?) and ultimately it would help expand away from the 5-10% meta, safety picks that all teams choose from and would better spotlight the actual skill of these teams when they are forced to broaden their rosters. Wouldn't that just be awesome?
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