Riv needs to be removed from casting

Now hear me out.... 1. Riv has a great voice for casting. However, it is his ONLY strength when it comes to casting. 2. He almost never understands the game at a high level 3. He rarely understands the game at a basic level 4. He pretends to understand the game at a high level by reiterating what other casters say 5. Most of the time he will just repeat what another caster has said and add "indeed" to the end of it 6. He confuses players, items, champions, and abilities and overall does not do a good job of providing clarity I'm sorry if this offends anybody, but whenever I see that riv is set to cast a game, I am less inclined to watch the game. My suggestion would be to move him to interviews or something where he doesn't have to provide much info, he can essentially read things off of a teleprompter/piece of paper Rito for the love of god and all things holy, please get rid of him as a caster EDIT: for those saying that it is very difficult to cast a teamfight without making errors. Yes, I get that, but you are missing my point. He fails outside of teamfights, even at lulls in the game, talking about incorrect movements or incorrect items
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