Who are you going to fanboy for each regions this year ?

Wondering who the community's going to support for the major regions ( I'm not familiar with wildcards regions, but you can include your favorite teams from there also if you'd like ! ). For me it's: NA: NRG / CLG ( CLG fan for 5 years, and GBM fan since 2013 ... couldn't include both ! ) EU: G2 ( Emperor fan :D New fan of PerkZ) Korea: ROX tiger ( Pray pray pray pray ! Close tie with KT, but since they got rid of nagne, they had to go, I'm honestly more a fan of the former Najin black sword & white shield roster than these particular teams, also like Longzhu because Flame is in it :D ) Taiwan: Taipei Assassin ( Not 4th this year please :( ) China: Qiao Gu ( favorite chinese team .-. Don't know any except them & star horn royal club tho )

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