EU obliterating NA Part 3

NA after day 2 think they have a chance to win this thing? Let's shatter this delusion shall we? FNC vs C9 With EU winning the group stage they got side choice and team choice. Fnatic chose the weakest link in C9. The mismatch showed as Fnatic got to flash their talent against C9 without their cosplayer. C9 tried to keep the game competitive with picks, which gave us false hope. Fnatic, however, won teamfight after teamfight as C9 had to blow all of their cooldowns on Bwipo. Fnatic then snuffs out any remaining optimism brute forcing their way into the base. TSM vs OG TSM look to pick up the slack and avenge for the game 1 loss, however, they have to deal with Origen's crazy early game. TSM opted to choose Grig as their jungler. Grig didn't seem to get the memo as he got caught out when scouting on OG's top side jungle level 1. This prevented TSM from taking control of the early game and caused it to be an even game going into the midgame. A fateful encounter around shelly changed the tides of the match, as Kold's stole shelly from TSM. That steal was a microcosm of this game as it symbolized a transition in momentum from TSM to OG. TSM was unable to recover from the shift in power and the rest was history. G2 vs TL G2 look to end this silly event with Liquid having to clean up the mess his two little brothers made. Perkz had to play a regular ADC. The teams started the early game blow for blow. Jensen then took over the mid game with Yasuo with his sidelane carries coming online. The map was Liquid's oyster as they dove on any piece of rift they thought fit. G2 kept the game spicy with picks of their own and secured an infernal early. They then caught out G2's bot lane and secured baron. Despite losing one more member than G2 Liquid still brute forced their way into the base to break it. Another baron was enough for Liquid to keep the series alive. TSM vs FNC Unfortunately, we don't have three Team Liquids. Fnatic dominated the early game. An encounter between both mid laners and junglers occurred around level 6 in which Grig missed his ult causing a 1-1 trade. A few minutes a fight happened in the bot river in which Grig got collapsed upon. While that was happening, Broken Blade blatantly TPed within vision of Bwipo in a vulnerable position. Bwipo then got to smack him around and solo killed BB. Bjergsen then went up to cleanup the mess and killed Bwipo. TSM then tried to gank Bwipo again in which Bwipo proceeded to dunk Grig before dying. It was too late to stop Bwipo from there as he took over the game and there was nothing TSM could do to stop him. CaptainFlowers summarized it best, it all started from that greedy TP. After Fnatic won a fight mid they secured baron and were nice enough to delay it so Rekkles can respawn with the buff. The pain train just wouldn't stop and Grig kept on missing ults. This brought an end to this series as Fnatic obliterated TSM. And that brought an end to this pointless event. Europe was more worried about how to lift the trophy than to win the event. Although we can brag that we won the showmatch and CaptainFlowers is the best rapper.
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