Thank you G2 for putting Doublelift right where he deserves.

In the dumpster. :) Braggart, entitled, spoiled, liability, selfish. Just some of the words you could describe Doublelift. When will teams realize that he isn't good, he just talks a big game? It sucks because I love Impact, Xmithie is pretty cool too. It's a shame they put their lot in with Double-choke. Will this be Team Liquid's wake up call and get an ADC that can handle some INTernational pressure? Watching G2 dismantle TL was so much fun. Despite wanting NA to get MSI or Worlds victory, I rather support some amazing EU play, than braggart bully (but then INTing/terrible) NA get lucky. But yeah it wasn't by luck that G2 dismantled TL. Now that they smacked so hard by G2, maybe people will stop giving them to much respect and start smacking this team around and start getting some REAL NA representation. I'm sick of Throw-S-M. I'm tired or Team Loss-quid. I want some NA pride and having a respectable team that's decent win. Cloud 9 and a few others can do it, but they need to stop over respecting TL. This is the first step in the road to recovery. This entire time I was hoping that EU could secure some much needed Doublelift humiliation and humble pie. It turns out they served that and some Sit-down-vanilla ice cream. Perkz as a mid showing just how to ADC. I'm hoping G2 gets second place, right after Cloud 9 remembers they are better than TL and starts their comeback Summer Split (and then gets to finals) Well here's hoping.
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