Why LCS Academy is pointless, and not working.

Because NA is a bad region, if the NA LCS Starting team perform bad internationally. It makes all of NA looks bad, not just them or their team. ALL OF NA And this cause an effect of "Why watch the Academy team if the LCS Team can't even perform". Thus create less attention for Academy team. The only Rookies that get attention from Academy team are players who get Utilize. ------------- There's no Pre-Season for Rookies to be allow to play and show off their talent on the Main-Stage. It's not like NFL where they have Pre-Season to show off their Rookies. ------------- I think if NA LCS want to better the Academy team and make team utilize them better is, making them play some game that can impact or determine a team making Playoff. Let's say each team must play their Academy team the first or few week of LCS game before playing their Main Team but still counts towards the Standing. I mean let's be honest here. No one gives a shit about Academy because of the main LCS Team performing bad for the region.
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