Unpopular opinion: Pro players should not be playing META stuff at all.

IMO picking select 3 champions per role for the entire tournament is boring and unmemorable. What pro-players should be doing is trying new flashy stuff for the entertainment of the watchers. Things that could only work at their skillcap and with coordinated team effort, I dont care what it is, but I want every game to feel like a completely new type of game. Triple midlane? Double jungle? Duo mid? All ADC comp? I dont care, just give us something interesting. These days whenever I watch any esport game at all I skip first 10-15 minutes because nobody does anything interesting. The thing where SKT picked Miss Fortune Support as a counterpick to Zyra support is what I want to see, unconventional picks shining in the hands of the true player that will be remembered and replayed countless times. That Annie pick was so nice and I want to see more of stuff like that, pro league has to shake the meta and even if it does fail at least make a good game for us to watch. Pick something crazy and fun and do not be afraid to lose.As long as it is crazy we will love to see it.
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