So how are you going to fix the Fantasy League selections? Do you even know there's an issue Riot?

So I'm in a Fantasy League with five others. EU gets locked in this week and THEN you post that Moon is likely only starting on Sunday. Excuse me? You need to give people this information BEFORE you lock rosters, because the other starting jungler is EU and locked and can't be subbed in for Moon. When a team has a substitute roster you need to figure out a way for people to get the substitute for free to sub in and out, or credit the choice with the sub's points. Because you just cost a person a full day of points and virtually guaranteed a loss because you're not updating information fast enough. This doesn't lead me to believe that you have any solution in hand for the upcoming split with regards to Bo3 and Bo2 formats. If one side plays only best of threes and the other side of the Atlantic plays best of twos, there's potentially a whole extra game of points for a person to collect if they play an extra game. How are you planning to fix that potential imbalance? I've heard nothing from you guys about any issues regarding Fantasy League. Come on Riot. Get it together if you're going to be running and endorsing a Fantasy League.
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