Team Pass Icons are GREAT: Thank you Riot!

About a year ago, I made [this]( topic, in which I noted how ugly team icons had become, particularly with the ugly year just slapped on top of the design:[] I always hated how the years looked. It was even worse with the new client, as [parts of the UI would get in the way of the year]([]) and it just looked very ugly. However, now that Riot has moved into Team Passes, the new icons are just absolutely fantastic:[] Simple, striking, and just what a Team Icon should be. I know this topic may be worthless to any person not fan of the e-sports side of League, but I've been following **FNATIC** since 2013, a year in which I missed the only other time the team icon lacked the ugly year. After so long, I can finally take this icon around and be happy about how it looks and to know I'm supporting my team. Can't way to upgrade it! If you're on the fence about buying the pass as a fan, I'd really recommend it :D {{champion:18}}
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