We live in a world where it's a legitimate possibility there is NO ADC for the World's Skins

Post-worlds lets say the team gets brought back for skin picks. For the first bit it's all fairly obvious: Leblanc, Kayle, Rek'sai are selected to rep Mid, Top and Jungle respectively....but who do they pick for bot? Garen and Yuumi. Of course it's not just those two either. ~~Aatrox Naut~~ (Edit: Mistake, Reddit had wrong icons). Yasuo Gragas. Veigar Alistar. All bot lanes that happened. We live in a truly diverse time where for the very first time since the game's inception, it's possible we will have a skinline for esports WITHOUT an ADC in it. (Granted Riot's probably going to force an ADC anyways because they make $$$ but regardless)

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