Bjergsen's contract is up? Good.

Good riddance. Bye. See ya. Go let him be a one-man show on some other team. Go make him bitch and moan about his team mates and get a ton of good players replaced by worse ones on another team. Go let him be the brown nose golden boy company man on some other team. Bye felicia. WE GAVE UP DOUBLELIFT BECAUSE BJERG SAID ZVEN/MITHY WERE BETTER!! Let that sink in! Think about that! We gave up what was probably the best ADC in the world because this fucking self-important weenie said some euro trash was better. And now Zven has cost us not one BO5 split championship (TL, spring) but TWO! (Today) 5 games against clutch, and Zven gets caught or is out of position and costs an objective in EVERY SINGLE ONE! TSM Zven CG MVP GTFO Bjerg, and take your garbage ass euro friend with you.
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