2/3 of the team representing NA have Import top laners thats

Literally been 4 seasons where atleast 1 NA team has an import toplaner representing NA in worlds. I'm all for it, but isnt that saying alot about the top laners in this region. Dyrus and Balls (Quas is an amazing top laner but he's basically an import) are the most noteable toplaners of the "old guard" of top laners in NA, and they are 100% like the new guard of NA top laners (hauntzer, BB) . too resource intensive and a real need of counter picking to win lane. Broken blade is no help for NA too cause he's basically tfblade 2.0 (memes intended) with all the meta spamming (akali, jax, irelia, vlad} . the only actually good top laners are imports (Huni, Impact) and the only note worthy homegrown top laner is probably Licorice. His pick up on Hec last season was an amazing pocket pick. this region has no hope in achieving glory with having such a focus in counter picking and spamming ranged champions in top lane. 2/3 "na teams" have import toplaners claim them as NA but everyone in the world knows that top lane in NA is joke
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