If TL doesn't take a single game off G2 at MSI, I'm not watching a single game of LCS.

I've been watching LCS since its inception, and have been an NA supporter since Season 2 Worlds (started playing LoL right around 2012 regional Qualifiers leading up to Season 2 Worlds). Despite now being an OCE player, support NA as it was my first server (because we didn't get a server until mid-2013). NA was my de facto home. In that time, I have bandwagon'ed the NA first seed every MSI, every Worlds, every Rift Rivals. I watched the old guard teams (Curse, DIgnitas, CLG, TSM) rise and fall as teams like Cloud9 and Immortals joined the scene. I followed Curse domestically despite their past failures, continued to follow them as Team Liquid through the Dardoch and Piglet years. I went ballistic at Riot on Twitter when they didn't accept IMT or DIG into NA franchising. What I'm trying to say is, the only region I've ever supported has been NA. But no longer. NA isn't growing like it used to. It's not even ahead like it used to be. NA has been using imports as a crutch for years but they don't even have the financial leverage to lure S-tier players to LCS anymore. NA needs to step up. Fix your lag issues. Fix your solo Q. Stop forking out literally millions on imports just so they can become as mediocre as the rest of NA it its lax environment. If TL can't take a SINGLE game off G2 at MSI in Groups or Semi-Finals, or if they lose another game to PVB/FW I will BURN my relatively new TL jersey that took nearly 2 months to make it to Australia. I will boycott NA streamers. I will not watch a single game of LCS for the rest of the time I follow Esports. NA can ruin itself, but I'm not wasting another second, or another dollar, while it continues its downward spiral.
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