Riot, you think these are exciting games?

Riot, the changes you have made to the game with the increased death timers and vision changes and such have done the exact opposite of making exciting games. More than ever now it is boring and dull until late. Once it is late, there is no coming back. One team fights, they win, and then use these stupid death timers to simply put the other team into a hole that they can't claw back from. You have your shoutcasters screaming at the end of the matches, but screaming about something doesn't make it exciting. Having a team fight at their nexus isn't exciting, it's boring. Because win or lose, they're done. They're not going to win, even if they win that particular holding action. Essentially games are boring and decided at one fight. The games aren't even shorter by all that much like you planned. You've given up excitement and multiple fights in the game for an extra what? Two minutes or three minutes of game shortening? Jesus, Jatt JUST admitted as much when he said that the C9 vs. TSM game was "about 25 minutes of stuff that isn't fun to analyze and 4 minutes of stuff that is." THAT is what you want for your game? Long periods of boredom with one brief spat of 'excitement' and you think that will draw in new viewers? Get it together. This is the only season thus far that I'm actually feeling my enthusiasm for watching diminish rather than grow. Each week I get to see at least three of the five games be utterly boring. Usually more than that.
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