Things and teams I plan to talk about.....again

Depending on if the script in pro league stays on course here are some of the topics I want to post about. A majority of these are inspired by my favorite YouTuber Urinatingtree. KT Rolster a Legacy of Failure. While there are already people who have made videos of their heartbreaks, I plan to do a comedic summary of their tendency for choking. TSM a Legacy of Failure. Same approach as the KT one. Flyquest the LCS’s underachieving little brother. Echo Fox: A comedy of misfortunes Revisiting.....The 💯Thieves Another checkup on the rest of the world leagues Guide to playoffs both NA and Worlds Guide to free agency Congrats to teams who either choke in the playoffs, lose embarrassingly to a low tier team, or shed their legacy of failure. Lastly I’ll still be doing the This Week in League series
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